shree Balaji Misthan Bhandar


Shree Balaji Misthan Bhandar

In 1984, Late Shri. Mani Ram Rathee, a Government teacher at a primary school in Haryana, came from his village Behlamba, Meham to Rohtak. He had a dream of starting his own business, but was uncertain about the start. As Shri. Mani Ram was thinking about a few business startups, one Monday, he went to his carpenter friend, Shri. Om Prakash Rathee to take the suggestion of which domain he should start the business. Being a big devotee of Shree Mehandipur Balaji, Om Prakash Rathee suggested him to visit the sacred place and attend the grand Bhandara over there on Tuesday. There they decided to start with a Juice along with Sweets shop. Read More

Our Speciality

  • Ghevar


    Ghevar is a disc-shaped sweet dish, traditionally related to the Teej festival. However, today this special sweet is available all through the year. Balaji is famous for providing most scrumptious sweets using high quality ingredients. Ghevar is prepared with all-purpose flour, sugar, milk, clarified butter, almonds, saffron, green cardamom, pistachio and oil. Shree Balaji Mishthan Bhandar provides many varieties of Ghevar. This special sweet from us has an inviting appeal and unique taste.

  • Gajar Pak

    Gajar Pak

    Our Gajar Pak is another specialty from us, it’s among the top 5 sweets dishes of Balaji Mishthan Bhandar. The flavor of this mouthwatering Indian sweet prepared with carrot, sugar, nuts, dried fruits and milk encapsulated in ghee can make any event and festival memorable. Gajar Pak is normally a most preferred dessert among people and it’s simple to make as well. Our lip smacking Gajar Pak is no less than a delight due to its soft and dissolve in mouth tasty nature.

  • Sava Mani Laddo

    Sava Mani Laddo

    This exceptional type of Laddo is one of our specialties and comes laden with sweetness and exclusive flavor. Special boondi, desi ghee, sugar and dry fruits like pistachios and almonds, all mixed to precision in pure desi ghee in this mouthwatering Indian dessert. Soft silky and with the correct quantity of sugar and crispy dry fruits, our Sava Mani Laddo are for a sweet indulgence.